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Pic that insults my country.

2009-08-28 03:54:54 by BenW1996

I found a pic that insults my country. But its funny as hell. :D

Pic that insults my country.


2009-04-25 05:28:19 by BenW1996

ARGH! I recently found my bioshock cd last week. I had been searching for it everywhere. So i think, yay! I get to play it again! But, it kept crashing like shit. Somehow i managed to play thru those crashes. But now, when i just finished neptune's bounty and am about to load to arcadia, the game crashes! And it keeps crashing EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOAD IT. Anyone know how to fix this shit? I tried the bioshock patch but it doesnt work.

Hank is now mentally retarded.

2009-03-21 00:28:45 by BenW1996

He is!!! He has an intelligence of 3. Well i guess that makes sense considering the number of times he was murdered, shot at, beaten senseless bla bla bla. Maybe the rest of his intelligence went into his lobster arm? O_o

Hank is now mentally retarded.


2008-10-06 12:37:35 by BenW1996

Hi just a lil update on the progress. 2 bad i wont be able to continue for awhile lol. I'll be going on a plane to america next friday. I'll continue when i get bak. Also, i am working my ass off on madness revenge 2.

Screenie time!

2008-10-02 04:49:00 by BenW1996

Hi guys. First screenshot.

Screenie time!

Madness Revenge 2

2008-10-01 05:21:46 by BenW1996

Yay! today i reached the 770th frame.
Not a lot of action in those though,
just the clarification of the storyline.
As i said b4, its kinda dumb so dont
blame me.
Lol in the next post ill put in a screenie:D


2008-09-27 10:47:30 by BenW1996

Yay! Turns out madness revenge was a sucess,
partially. Im gonna make a 2nd one. Ill make the
second one have a clearer storyline, and HOPEFULLY
i can fix the walking problem:P. Ill keep u posted on this.

Go see it NOw if u havent. Fixed the moving
background problem. Also, in the next one(if there even will be one)
ill clarify the background. But in tha meantime, GO SEE IT! And leave
comments:) Lol.

New post

2008-09-05 10:31:25 by BenW1996

Hey guys. Today i just updated my second flash, Madness Test ver 2.0.
If ur wondering bout where my first one is, dont bother trying to find it.
Sadly, the score was too low so it got removed... O wellz i guess ill submit
another next time.