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2009-04-25 05:28:19 by BenW1996

ARGH! I recently found my bioshock cd last week. I had been searching for it everywhere. So i think, yay! I get to play it again! But, it kept crashing like shit. Somehow i managed to play thru those crashes. But now, when i just finished neptune's bounty and am about to load to arcadia, the game crashes! And it keeps crashing EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOAD IT. Anyone know how to fix this shit? I tried the bioshock patch but it doesnt work.


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2009-04-25 20:34:24

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2009-04-27 00:56:58

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2009-07-22 09:49:10

Well there are two solutions that might work to your problem. One of them being maybe it's the disk and not the files, so if you want put the disc in your DVD-ROM drive and go to your computer's drive where the disc is. It should say "Bioshock" and have the little icon. Anyway, go in there and copy all of the files and put them in a folder. I'd recommend this being somewhere easy to find, like a Bioshock folder on your desktop. Then go through and find the Bioshock.exe file or whatever starts it and double click that, if that doesn't work find a cracked .exe which would allow you to play without a disc. Solution 2 would be just to pirate it off of isohunt or TBP and play it that way.


2009-08-27 11:33:12

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2009-08-27 11:33:32



2009-08-27 12:44:33

If you've got Bioshock on 360 you could download it to the hard drive.